About - Autoluxe Group

The Autoluxe Group comprises of four companies specializing in the import, marketing and distribution of tires, alloy wheels, garage and tire shop equipment and related equipment and materials:

Autoluxe Tires – A leading importer of tires and alloy wheels
Technotire – A leading importer of advanced garage and tire shop equipment and materials
Tire Club – A nationwide franchising network of tire shops
Check Up – Advanced service centers for tires and supporting systems
Since its establishment more than 40 years ago, the Autoluxe Group provides its services to a wide variety of organizations, tire shops, garages, big commercial companies, vehicle fleets, leasing companies, governmental agencies, the army, vehicle licensing institutes etc., spread all over Israel.


The Autoluxe Group invests many resources in order to communicate to the public the importance of proper tire maintenance for safe driving. To that end, the Group employs a professional team that assists the customers and periodically conducts training seminars in the company’s training center.

The four companies that comprise the Group complement each others’ activities, thus providing comprehensive solutions to issues related to the tire business in particular and the vehicle sector in general.

The intensive involvement and the wide range of resources available to the Group make it one of the most important players in the Israeli tire market.