About – Autoluxe Tires

Autoluxe Tires is active in the import, marketing and distribution of tires, tubes and alloy wheels to hundreds of businesses throughout Israel.

Autoluxe Tires carries a select collection of brands, offering a wide range of tire sizes and types for all purposes.

This company, that is the backbone of Autoluxe Group, employs a large professional staff with an advanced infrastructure for marketing, sales, logistics, technical and after sale services.

The company maintains a constant stock with a wide range of tires that enables effective and fast service to its customers.

Tires Brands

Autoluxe Tires is the representative of worldwide leading tire brand manufacturers that belong to the “Billion Dollar Club” (tire manufacturers with an annual sales turnover of more than a billion dollars). In addition, Autoluxe Tires is also the representative of a number of leading alloy wheels manufacturers.

The tires imported by Autoluxe Tires are all manufactured according to International Standards such as the American D.O.T. and/or the European E-30 (passengers) and E-54 (trucks).

Among the tire brands imported by Autoluxe Tires are the following brands:

A South Korean manufacturer ranked 7th among the world’s leading tire manufacturers. The company operates numerous factories around the world, in which highly advanced tires are manufactured. Hankook Tires are installed as OE (Original Equipment) tires on a large number of car models by manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda Chevrolet and others.

A Japanese manufacturer whose tires are engineered using advanced technology using a system that simulates various driving conditions. Toyo Tires are installed as OE (Original Equipment) tires on various Mazda models as well as vehicles by Mitsubishi, Audi, Toyota, Nissan and Isuzu.

A Japanese tire brand manufactured by Toyo Tires, specializing in tires for car enthusiasts, with a focus on off-road, SUV, sport and luxury vehicles. Using a combination of computerized models and advanced materials compound, Nitto tires promise excellent road handling, lower road noise and improved steering, which make them the perfect tires for driving enthusiasts.

A Japanese tire brand manufactured by Sumitomo, the world’s 6th largest tire manufacturer. Falken tires are manufactured using an advanced technology and are ranked high in tire tests held by various automotive and consumer magazines. Falken Tires are installed as OE (Original Equipment) tires on models by Volskwagen, Seat, Skoda, Honda, Nissan, Jeep and others.

A tire brand by Japanese manufacturer Sumitomo, the world’s sixth largest tire manufacturer. The Ohtsu brand is currently under the responsibility of the Falken division, and supplies tires to dozens of countries around the world, combining competitive prices and good quality.

A manufacturer that leads and promotes the development trend of the Chinese tire industry, and is one of the largest tire manufacturers in South-East Asia. The company operates seven advanced manufacturing plants and innovative R&D centers. In the near future GT Tires will start supplying OE (Original Equipment) tires for European car models.

The brand’s tires are manufactured since 2007 in the company’s Shandong province factory, producing 20 million tires annually. The tires are manufactured using an advanced technology and meet the strict requirements of the European regulations. The company puts en emphasis on “green” tires, specializing in a lower fuel consumption.

A Chinese manufacturer, producing tires for a variety of uses, using advanced products design and strict quality control. The company pays attention on new technology to develop the design and production. Its products line includes the Sports tires, economic tires, SUV tires and 4X4 tires.