About – CheckUp

CheckUp is a network of service centers for tires and supporting car systems, that aspires to raise the level of awareness among consumers to the importance of proper tire maintenance and safe driving.

As required by the technological development and the complexity of contemporary vehicles, the CheckUp network offers advanced and professional care of the tires and their supporting systems that are essential for the optimal functioning of the tires. CheckUp uses advanced technology in order to ensure correct and safe tire fitment. The network invests resources in training its specialized staff in order to provide them the optimal tools for the proper treatment of the tire.
The CheckUp network provides its customers a new and unique buying experience that includes diagnosis and selection of the optimal tire using a computerized simulation. CheckUp offers a benefit package complementing the tire purchase, which is designated to help the customer to keep the value of his investment in the tires and to ensure tire safety.
CheckUp places importance in checking the car systems that are essential to tire functioning (such as shock absorbers, brakes & wheel alignment) at each purchase of tires. The benefit package includes damage cover, flat tire repairs and tire inflation with Nitrogen.
The network sets high standards in the appearance of its service centers and
puts emphasis on the aesthetic look of the branches so that all centers are welcoming, pleasant, clean and neat.

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