About – Tire Club

Tire Club unites activities of dozens of tire shops in a nationwide franchising network. These tire shops provide services to private customers and large vehicle fleets.

The network is distinguished by its commitment to high standards for overall services and provides its customers with reliable and professional consulting services.

The variety of brands and types of tires marketed within the network, guarantees exact match to the specific needs of every customer.

Service to Vehicle Fleets

Tire Club offers long term comprehensive guidance to vehicle fleet companies, providing in-depth consultation, high quality and efficient service with enhanced conditions etc.

Customer service

Operating 24 hours a day, in order to provide fast and qualitative service to leasing companies and large vehicle fleets.


As part of the service of the network, and as part of the aspiration to promote proper maintenance of tires, the network offers training sessions and seminars at the Autoluxe Group's training center.

Tire Club Newsletter

Every two months, a professional newsletter is published with news on tires and related equipment, including professional and marketing know-how from Israel and abroad. The newsletter is distributed to the tire shops and other professional parties, such as fleet managers in the companies to which Autoluxe Tires provides its services.

Tire Club website

The website and the accompanied call center give the private customer the option to compare prices and to buy tires and alloy wheels directly from the importer at very competitive prices. The website prices include balancing, installation and VAT, and the installation is done at one of the network’s tire shops, according to the customer’s choice.